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Where It All Began

It was less than five years ago.

At the age of 18, weighing only 56kg - just a stick from head to toe. I always wore baggy clothes, because I was ashamed of my body.

I was small and weak, they bullied me and I never felt very comfortable in my own skin. I would get sick every couple of weeks, I had zero energy to do anything and I lacked any kind of vision of what I wanted, I was a complete bum! I didn't have the discipline to exercise or change my health habits.

Amidst all of this I did manage to manifest a relationship or two. However, after a devastating breakup, I was left completely heartbroken, tired, and feeling alone.

At that point, I decided I had enough and that if I wanted to live a happy life, I couldn’t continue like this.

So I went on a journey.

I read hundreds of books on nutrition, fitness and mindset.

I studied under coaches, took trainings.

I learned some of the best tools to identify subconscious patterns and belief systems that hold us back - and I smashed them one, after another.

The end result?

Just a few year later, I’m now 14kg more. I wear tight clothes because I love how I feel. My body is developed to the point where I feel happy looking in the mirror in the morning. My self esteem is much higher too. I feel strong, capable and free to be who I am. I rarely get sick. I enjoy more energy than I have ever had in my entire life that allows me to complete tasks quickly and effectively.

My dating and relationships feel normal now, no more struggle. I’ve also learned that all my past struggles had nothing to do with my or my body - and everything to do with what was going on inside my head and my heart.

I’m forever grateful for the transformations I’ve made.

I’ve now dedicated my life to helping others transform the same way I did.

I never believed I had it in my - but I quickly realized that with the right tools, anyone can get there.

I did it.

I know I can help you do it too.

If my story resonates.

If it feels familiar to you.

Please reach out - I want to help.

A better, easier, more satisfying reality is closer than you think.

Tona Gomez, Certified Freedom Leader and International Breakthrough Specialist.

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